Ravioli — more Italian sounds only the word pizza, but today we’ll not about her.

Ravioli are considered one of the varieties of Italian pasta. They are molded from a thin unleavened dough in the form of large squares, sometimes in the form of ellipses. This dish is served at the table immediately after molding, because the hallmark of Italian cuisine — all «piping hot.»

There are several theories about the origin of this dish. According to one ravioli recipe was imported into the country from China by Italian traveler Marco Polo, who visited the Chinese province of Sichuan and tried it overseas dish called huntun.

Italian chef renamed huntun in ravioli, and it was under this name there is a dish to the present day.

A truly Italian ravioli, you can always try this restaurant by the chef Domenico Filippone. Buon appetito!

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